1.7 Governance

The supreme decision making body of BSB is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) whose detailed responsibilities and functions are outlined in the Draft Constitution. However, the AGM elects and constitutes a governing Board to provide leadership and Strategic direction to the mission of BSB. The Board consists of a maximum of Eleven (11) Members and a minimum of nine (9), two thirds of whom are chosen from the Clergy while one third are chosen from Laity. One of the members is a representative of the Church Relations Council which is made up of Heads of Churches. The composition of the Board is a reflection of the Christian churches and denominations in Botswana. Not more than two Board members may be chosen from one member organization simultaneously. Each member of the Board is elected by the AGM for a period of three years and is eligible for re-election. No Board member can serve for more than two consecutive terms at a time. The high level responsibilities of the Board members include the following;