Celebrating the Shekgalagari New Testament: A Milestone for the Bible Society of Botswana

On the 9th of March, 2024, a momentous celebration unfolds in Kang, Botswana, as the Bible Society of Botswana proudly launches the New Testament in Shekgalagari. This landmark event, marking a significant milestone in the mission to bring God’s Word closer to the hearts of the Bakgalagari people, symbolizes a profound commitment to language preservation and cultural heritage. Join us in exploring the significance of the Shekgalagari Bible launch, a testament to the power of faith, language, and community unity.

How it started
The journey to translate the New Testament into Shekgalagari began in 2009, driven by a vision to unite the Bakgalagari-speaking communities through the sacred texts of Christianity. This project, a collaboration between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Botswana and Lutheran Bible Translators, underscores the importance of making religious texts accessible in native languages, enhancing spiritual connectivity and cultural identity.

The Day of Celebration and Community Spirit
The launch event is not just a Bible launch; it’s a vibrant festival celebrating the culture, language, and faith. Attendees will experience inspirational speeches, and the communal joy of seeing the New Testament in Shekgalagari for the first time. This gathering is a testament to the enduring spirit of the people and their rich heritage.

The Importance of the Shekgalagari New Testament
Translating the New Testament into Shekgalagari bridges Bible texts with the contemporary lives of the Shekgalagari-speaking communities. This translation effort is vital for cultural preservation, ensuring that the Shekgalagari language continues to flourish. It represents a critical step towards inclusivity in faith practices, allowing individuals to connect with their spirituality in their native tongue.

Looking Forward
With the launch of the Shekgalagari New Testament, the Bible Society of Botswana sets the stage for future endeavors in translation and community engagement. Plans are already underway to translate the Old Testament, further enriching the spiritual lives of the Bakgalagari people. This ongoing effort highlights the society’s commitment to language preservation and the promotion of cultural identity through religious texts.

Join Us in Celebration
We invite you to be part of this historic event in Kang on March 9th, 2024. Witness the culmination of years of dedication and the joy it brings to the Shekgalagari communities. This celebration is more than just the launch of a new translation; it’s a reflection of the power of language, faith, and community coming together to preserve and cherish their cultural heritage.

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