Free bible engagement resources

Discover a number of free Bible Resources, from devotionals and study guides to scriptures in various formats for both children and adults to guide you in your juorney with the word of God.

Bible Guides

This Bible Guide was developed to help you answer some of the common questions people ask about Bible Translation and Bible Versions available. Download a free copy of the guide here.

Setswana Bible Reading Plan

Experience the Bible like never before with our Tswana Bible Reading Plan. Adapted from the renowned M’Cheyne 365 Reading Plan, you will embark on a transformative year-long journey through the Bible.

Discover the profound wisdom of the Bible through the renowned M’Cheyne 365 Bible Reading Plan. This guide is your passport to a year-long odyssey through the sacred Scriptures.


Foundations of Faith Daily Devotional

“Who is God?” “What is sin?” “Who is the Holy Spirit?” These questions are foundational to the Christian faith. Take a closer look at what Scripture tells us about the foundations of our faith in this 5-day Plan created by YouVersion

Walking Through Spiritual Valleys Daily devotional

As Christians, we all prefer mountaintop experiences in our faith. But, it’s usually in the spiritual valleys where we learn and grow. In this 5-day Plan created by YouVersion, you’ll have the insight to handle spiritual bleak times with grace and hope.

Grieving wit Hope Devotional

Grief is a human experience and no one is immune to it. We grieve when we lose someone or a dream dies. In this 5-day Plan created by YouVersion, we’ll dive into understanding grief and learn how to process it.


Bible Apps for children

The Youversion Children's Bible App
The Big Little Bible App

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