Botswana Sign language bible translation

The Bible Society of Botswana aims to address a crucial need by translating the Bible into Sign language, enabling Deaf believers to fellowship, grow, and serve God independently.

The Deaf people of Botswana are highly marginalized in many ways in the country. The Deaf people of Botswana do not have the Bible in the language of Heart-Botswana Sign Language.

The Deaf expressed the need of the Bible in Botswana Sign Language in a consultative meeting which was held on the 12th of March, 2020 at Love Botswana Outreach Mission in Maun. As it is the mission and the vision for the Bible Society of Botswana to ensure that all citizens of Botswana have access to the Bible in the language and medium of choice, this project is seen to be addressing even a very important need by providing the Bible in Sign language of Botswana.

They are very few churches in the country that cater for the Deaf during their Bible studies and church services. This has resulted in many Deaf not being interested in going to church as they feel left out. The few Churches that offer services to the Deaf, they do that through interpreters. However, though the interpreters sometimes bridge the gap, the Deaf of Botswana cannot have personal experience with God because of lack of accessibility of the Holy Scriptures in Sign Language of Botswana.

Through this translation, the Deaf of Botswana will be able to meet and talk about God’s Word in Sign Language. We anticipate that once the Bible is available in Botswana Sign Language, Deaf churches will be formed, as such Deaf believers would fellowship, grow and serve God without any challenge of lack of the Holy Scriptures and the struggle to understand the written Bible will be a story of the past.

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